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Chef Gil Fernandes

He is Executive Chef at Fortaleza do Guincho (1* Michelin) and uses tradition as a vision. He has already worked with Jonnie Boer, at De Librije (three Michelin stars), having also been to Vila Joya (two Michelin stars) and Ocean (two Michelin stars). He seeks sustainability in his work and is concerned about environmental issues.

Secure your seat at the table now at Chefs On Fire Cascais

on the 9th of September.

Fortaleza do Guincho restaurant

With a philosophy that is unapologetically based on the best practices of haute cuisine, the restaurant's proposals have always revealed an enormous inspiration from the Atlantic, the restaurant's backdrop.

Frango do Campo debaixo de Cinza e Milho Doce

Alergénios: Lactose.

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