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Chef Vitor Adão

He interned at Ocean and Vila Joya and worked in the kitchens at DOC and DOP. He worked at 45 Park Lane, in London, with Chef Wolfgang Puck and was Executive Chef at the 100 Maneiras group. In 2019 he opened his first restaurant under his own name: Plano.

Secure your seat at the table now at Chefs On Fire Cascais

on the 8th of September.

Restaurant Plan

Nature defines the Plan, which respects its cycles and tries every day to pay homage to the world, enjoy it and share it, giving back to the land the generosity with which it offers us.

Costela de Vaca Fumada, Batata de Chaves e Sunomono de Couve

Alergénios: Sulfitos e amendoim.

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